WOOD 2020 header


a festival of music and nature

20th-22nd May 2022      Braziers Park, Oxfordshire

Wood 2016 #4



For hedgehog tales and other wonders you can read Hugh Warwick's full blog here:


Tom Moorhouse -  Animals in fiction


Fredi Devas - Re-wilding our Cities


Helen Baczkowska - Hidden history of England's Common Land


Lucie Mayer - City Farm update and massive news


Kindling Housing Cooprative - Challenging Oxford's housing crisis


Helen Edwards - Dip a day January!


Clover Stroud - How to live and love the wild


Nick Lunch - Indigenous People Behind the Camera


Geoff Sample - Birds as Augurs


Caspar Henderson - From Hyperobjects to Perhapsatrons: The Reign of Wonder


James Macdonald Lockhart, Ben Avison & Nichola Dean - Raptors in words and music


Kate Sudweeks - Writing medicine for teens (and adults)


Jemima Hunt - Selling your novel: An agent's perspective


Sophie Gainsley - Moomins: Ecowarriors from the north


Steve Larkin - Poems with gusto


Julia Clark - Oxfordshire's badgers under threat


Hugh Warwick - Hedgehogs

Some past bright sparks include: